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Friday, February 6, 2015

There Will be a Delay in Posts, the Virus on my Laptop is Having Fun!

I would be posting all the live-long day but then again, tearing my hair out one by one sounds more fun than doing blogs on this iPad mini, which I love. It is just not great for blog posting. My husband is looking at my laptop tonight, then, you guys will be so sick of me you'll be telling me to go away. 

Well, no. I have much to tell you. Look, I got to go. This is driving me nuts. First though, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I am so Sorry for Being MIA, but Big News is Here; Can I Share?

This will be short and sweet, but JennalunaVerse Freelance Writing is officially an LLC! I will be doing music reviews, copywriting, copy editing, press releases, email blasts; you name it, we'll do it! 

Our mission statement is now, "Your Vision Will be Turned to Verse." We also write comedy, poetry, song lyrics, skits, and plays. I am also working on my first novel!

There is more to come and I'll be back tomorrow! I look forward to a working relationship with all of you!
Jennaluna Cameron

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JennalunaVerse Inc.

Our new mission, our love of music and writing, all in one.

At JennalunaVerse Inc., I will be scouring the social media empire; Twitter, Facebook, & SoundCloud mostly & find bands that have a distinct & incredible sound. This also works the other way around; so far, bands/artists have approached me & I haven't had to do much scouring, though I am sure I will. 

I review, interview, and write articles about the band or artists that are upcoming. These bands/artists are still new, though they have posted songs, EP's, even albums, it is just the fact that they may need some publicity. This is where I come in! I review their music & do an interview/article; this is called Jennaluna's Musical Modulation. This piece has all of the questions a fan or someone who heard the song or songs from the link put up is really curious about. Of course, the usual questions are asked, but the interview/article can always go in a different direction! This is what people love! Nothing is off the record! 

After everything is polished up--I'm not editing anything out--then the links & main articles, depending on what can fit where, are posted on all of my social media sites; this includes Twitter, both my business Facebook page & personal Facebook page, my LinkdIn account of which several of my wonderful connections are in the music business, & my personal blog. A iOs app is under way, as well. This means that every time I get a new review or article & a link to SoundCloud, iTunes, or YouTube, I will be able to update the app & link the written piece right to the music sites! It is so exciting & I cannot wait for the app to be finished!!

Of course, the band/artist gets copies of the link and the articles so they may post to all of their sites & do what they want with them. I do not discriminate. Although I was raised on rock and roll and know indie, alternative, hard rock, punk, and underground music best, this does not mean I do not know music. I have listened and heard every type of music genre, so hit me up! 

I'm excited to hear your music! @jennaluna_iys

Peace & Love

*Doing what I do does NOT guarantee that a record company or anyone else in the music business will, in fact, hear your music & sign you. What I do is strictly for publicity, & still is only to get people to hear about you. I am NOT a publicist in any way. Thank you!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Been Too Long, & I'm Seething With Opinions


Hello all! Let's just dive in, shall we? I'm writing a book & seeking an agent--hint hint--& need to do research on a slew of a different things. One of these elements of information is how one would "chase the dragon." I'll tell you; if Big Brother really is watching, my laptop, iPad, & iPhone are giving the government fuel for an arrest that does not even exist! I needed to look this up, how addicts will put heroin, or now, the popular opiate pill OxyContin on tin foil (shiny side down because god forbid! Tin foil that isn't shiny side down can cause major health problems, ya know), & as the heroin or pill moves around the foil, the addict needs to light it up from the back & inhale the smoke from the front. 

Look, I won't get into the dangers of heroin right now. But Jesus, Mary, & Tiny Little Joe Joe!! OxyContin is a time-released medication; this means that if you take a 60mg pill at 9:a.m., every hour until 3:p.m. the medication releases a wave of opiates into one's system every hour. You don't want that stuff all at once (it could potentially kill you) & you certainly don't want to inhale it (respiratory distresses abound). The consensus online in those forums where people call themselves SWIM was, "You have an 80mg pill & you're gonna literally blow up your nose or out your mouth?" The addicts most definetely would rather "eat them." But even that isn't easy now, what with the coating that prevents this from happening. The thing is, Oxycontin, is essentially a placebo unless the coating is IN TACT. Oh, & not all Oxycontin's are ER, or extended release, but they are a long-term medication, typically used for cancer patients & chronic pain sufferers, like myself. Oh...oh, do I have a personal problem with these people who most likely "doctor shop," lying to their #1 doctor on Monday, filling their #1 prescription at pharmacy A, & then Tuesday, going to doctor B & lying about a fake ailment, filling their script at pharmacy B at their #2 pharmacy? Yes, yes I do have a big problem with that. First of all; find a hobby, better yet, a job. Don't you have anything better to do than waste all day going to doctor's all over the state looking for drugs? Second? Shame on you! Are you a mother? A daughter? A father or son? Don't put your family through this so you can feel high for 15 minutes.

I have been writing to my own congress where I live to put an end to pharmacies not being on the same network because it is extremely easy for (mostly) non-insured, or those who "would rather pay in cash" to just bounce from doctor to doctor. These people give the true pain patients a much harder time when we really need help. My GYNO, who had been with me since I was 18 gave up on meain started in 2008, one year after my pain began. She had no more answers & sent me to a pain clinic. I didn't know what a pain clinic was. It took me 8 months, & more severe pain, to finally go. But when I did, my pain provider saved me. I've had surgeries, organs removed, test after test, I've tried more drugs than I'd like to remember, & I'm having a hysterectomy in a couple months at age 38. I do not have endometriosis, but my cramps are so severe when I get my period, I'm doing it to help the two weeks out of the month that I am useless. 

The pain has made me depressed & I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after my big brother died on my birthday in 2012. There's an answer; we just don't know what. And if these people would stop taking the precious time of our health care wokers to get opiates & percocets & Soma--it's gotta be Soma--so they can chase their dragons or have a nice buzz at a party or go to the Pill Mills in Florida for a $5,000 paycheck, then maybe I would get some them. 

On another note! A happy note! Please keep coming back now that I will be keeping up with the jennalunaVerse  & The bands I have met & grown to love. They are looking for a platform & I am more than happy to share this one with them. As a matter of fact, there are a few being qued up! I'll always add a link to Twitter, Facebook, & Twitter. The bands are great & I'm really psyched! 

Oh, & yes, I may be opinionated about stuff, but I take my career as a music journalist very seriously! I literally JUST opened a Facebook account for my music writing: JennalunaVerse Inc. Music Journalism & Freelance Writing Hit me up!!
Peace to you all!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Changes in the Works My Friends!

As most of you know in the music industry, & in the writing industry, it is more a labor of love when you are just getting the ball rolling. Although I have worked for a few amazing music e-zines, such as In Your Speakers and SpaceLab, I feel as though it is time for me to set off on my own as a music journalist. I have some great contacts, I have met incredible bands & artists, & I have been in touch with agents to get this all going. This is how I am hoping it will work.

I am a twitter-band freak & am always looking for new, interesting, unique sounding tunes. I am constantly searching, especially Indie genres, such as rock, alternative, etc., & I try to get in touch with the band or artist to see if they would like to be "spotlighted" on

Coming up, I will be posting the first article spotlight with the band, Crystal Seagulls from the UK. I have known these guys for quite awhile & they ROCK!! How these guys don't have a recording contract yet & are not touring the world yet is just crazy to me; they are THAT AMAZING!!

With each interview, I will be linking you all to the bands webpages, their Soundcloud page, Bandcamp, iTunes, twitter, and Facebook pages. Everything and anything they have for you to keep up with them. I will do my absolute best to get reviews up here, & my interview/articles/spotlights are NOT the same old boring questions the bands or artists have heard a million times. I, like the fans, want to know some of the juicy stuff, too!

I will also do my best to share these articles with every social media I am attached to & I'll release everything publicly. Hopefully in turn, it will be shared again & again. Please look for jennalunaVerse links soon! And if you are in a band or you're a singer & would like to be spotlighted, please feel free to hit me up on twitter!


Peace & Music!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

But...What Does it Mean?

As a music journalist & someone who has always connected to music mentally (& physically; who doesn't start dancing when a good dance song comes on your iPod?), I have always had those songs that I thought meant one thing, but really meant something totally different. No, I mean unrelated & antipodal from what my brain told me, & the actualization that I am in fact a music journalist is shameful. Deplorable. Don't get me wrong! I get most right. Songs these days, & I'm talking pop, light rock, all that, in my opinion is crap. There IS good music floating around, you just have to know where to look. I'm an Indie girl, alternative & rock. I know people like Taylor Swift & (barf) Katy Perry & all that kind of stuff, but there is no guess work in their music. Taylor Swift, I believe, has written a song about EIGHT guys. Eight! Hey Tay Tay, you may want to slow down before you go through all of Hollywood. 

One example of me getting a song completely wrong is "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider; the short verse says: Lunatic fringe, In the twilight's last gleaming. This is open season, but you won't get too far. Now, for the longest time, I thought Tom Cochrane was singing: Let me take French, because the twilight is gleaming. This is open season, but you won't get too far. One night at a party in 1996 I think, this song came on the radio--yes! the radio!--& there I was, singing along until some older chick started laughing at me. Now, I know she wasn't laughing at my clothes or my hair, this chick looked like some hick from the Boonies & I was way more fashionable. She's lucky I didn't kick her ass for laughing at me  or the fact that I'm a pacifist. But I digress. I stared at her & asked what the problem was, because it certainly was NOT my outfit, bitch, & she told me the real words. I laughed & thanked her, telling her, "it never did make much sense. Why would he ask permission to take French? And why would he want to, anyhow?" By the way, the chick that laughed at me is a dear friend to me today. I laugh at her a lot more these days. 

Red Rider

That song is a good example of getting the WORDS wrong, but what about the meaning? How many of us have been singing along to a tune only to finally realize the song is about something tragic & awful or suggestive & erotic? I know when I was young, "Like a Virgin" by Madonna was a favorite of mine. I had the song playing loudly in my room when my mom knocked, asking if she could talk to me. I was all of eight years old, maybe seven, & she wanted to know if I knew what I was actually singing about. I shook my head. No, I didn't think radios would put anything on the air that would be...offensive. Would they? Well, my mom gently told me, a "virgin is like...untouched snow." Umm, I still do not understand, can I sing the song or not? Is Madonna from the mountains? I was still confused until a boy at school talked about it. Somehow, he made it easier to understand. 

So, how many tracks are out there that are misheard? According to my research, hundreds & hundreds (there is no real number). Everyone interprets music differently, especially a song which may sound like it has one message, but it has a completely different significance. 

Let us take "Brown Sugar" by Rolling Stones. One quick listen & one would probably assume that it's about a guy hooking up with a black chick. Listen harder; Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields, Sold in a market down in New Orleans. Scarred old slaver know he's doing alright (sic), Hear him whip the women just around midnight. Ah, Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good? A-ha Brown Sugar, just like a young good should.

Yeah, so for the record, after this beautiful & oh-so-sentimental song came out in 1971 off of their Sticky Fingers album (& believe it or not, "Brown Sugar" is their 5th best on their list of their Best 100 songs) Mick Jagger had said he could never & would never write another song like that. The words just...came out of him. Mmmhmm Mick. Sure. 

Rolling Stones

Ya know that Sixpence None the Richer song? That one-hit wonder majorly annoying song that played in the background of every movie with some chick in a new city hanging out of a limo, or some chick walking around a new city with a new love, or some chick in a new city with a new job & a great view out of her office near Bloomindale's because life is just...great? Upbeat & happy, right? WRONG!! "There She Goes", the irritating & pretty woeful 1997 song, off of their self-titled album, which also includes "Kiss Me" (so they're a two-hit wonder, I guess) is not a song about being high on love & life, it is a song about being high. On heroin. Originally a track by the Las, a British group, Sixpence None the Richer sings: There she goes, there she goes again. Racing through my veins, and I just can't contain, this feeling that remains...

How odd that such a melodic, rosy, & jocund song could mean something so bleak like the after effects of shooting heroin. From what I understand, & have seen on TV, when you shoot that crap, it's almost instant that one pukes & then you just kinda sit there in your own filth, all...dazed out. Wow! There she goes, all right!

Sixpence None the Richer

We all know the cover to Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A.; his taut, young ass on display (Trivia for you: Annie Leibovitz took this famous shot & this propelled Bruce to his "Bossomania" status). Back then, in the '80s, that was a pretty controversial album cover, but Springsteen did not shy away from being dissidence, especially in his music. The title track from Born in the U.S.A. sounded like baseball & apple pie to several people who listened to it. It was, & is, played at football games, baseball games, & even Ronald Reagan asked Springsteen if the song could be used in his campaign in 1984, although he was rebuffed. "Born in the U.S.A." is not about how awesome America is, (even though we totally are) the song is a glaring observation of America's involvement in the Vietnam War; Come back home to the refinery, hiring man says "son, if it was up to me." Went down to see my V.A. man, he said, "son, don't you understand, now?"/ Had a brother at Khe Sahn, fighting off the Viet Cong. They're still there, he's all gone. He had a woman, he loved in Saigon, I got a picture of him in her arms, now./ Down in the shadow of penitentiary, out of the gas fires of the refinery. I'm ten years burning down the road, nowhere to run, nowhere to go.

I think it's a wonderful & superb fine idea to STOP playing this song at political rallies. Dumb Dumbs.

"Every Breath You Take," I'll be watching you...I always assumed this song was about a man, or woman, stalking the person they are completely & utterly obsessed with. The words fit so I went with it. People also assume this Police song from 1983 off of their Synchronicity album (one of my personal favorites, along with Synchronicity 2) think this song is about love. I can see how that may be misconstrued, until you really listen to the lyrics. After knowing the words, people may NOT want to use "Every Breath You Take" as their wedding song anymore: Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace, I dream at night, I can only see your face. I look around but it's you I can't replace, I feel so cold, & I long for your embrace. I keep crying baby, baby please... Not only is this tune NOT about stalkers, nor a lovely & happy relationship, "Every Breath You Take" is a song about divorce. Again, it would be a really great idea to leave this song out of your wedding music repertoire; these days, marriages need all the damn luck they can get. Nobodies first dance as husband & wife should be a song about divorce. How about the Beatles "If I fell," or "Things We Said Today," or "I Will." If you want to stick with the Police for your wedding song, there are great songs! Check out, "Wrapped Around Your Finger," or if it's Sting's voice you want, he has a slew of love songs: "Sacred Love," Mad About You," "They Dance Alone," "Fortress Around Your Heart," (I love that one) & one that was never played on the radio but at the end of the movie The Professional with Jean Reno & Natalie Portman, "Shape of my Heart." I put it below so you all can listen. Now that I have gotten way off track...

Shape of my Heart, Sting

Let's just call this Part 1!! Besides, it's really long. I love typing & ranting & I hope you all enjoy what I'm putting down. Keep checking in. Now that the damn holidays are pretty much over, I'll have much more time to focus on the blog, my writing, & doing the things I'd rather be doing. Screw the holiday shit. I hate it. We moved in December; it was a rough one. We didn't even have a tree! I know next year will be better. I'm just bitter, I suppose. As long as I have my family & friends, jennalunaVerse, my writing, & coffee, I'm good to go!!

See you all soon!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Knock Out

May I ask a simple question? What in the hell is going on? I honestly thought the world could not get any scarier, that the frightening news I hear--on The Daily Show mostly--& listening to Wolf Blitzer YELL AT ME in the evening, couldn't get worse. I was wrong. I was so wrong I thought people must have been agreeing with me. (Oscar Wilde) 

I'm in my mid-to-very-middle-late 30s. I am an '80s kid & in the '90s I matured. I know when I was growing up, there were kids in my generation who did wreck less and downright idiotic stuff. Typically, however, they did this stuff to themselves; skateboarding tricks, cheerleading stunts (I was one of those idiots), who could eat the most eggs, that kind of thing. As the years went on, the "stunts" got worse.

Instead of the eggs, it was who could drink the most vodka, bullying got so much worse & people started to actually commit suicide in high numbers because other kids were just so relentlessly mean. Take this Katelyn Roman case. She & another girl bullied a 12-year old girl so badly she took her own life. The charges have been dropped against her, and just recently she appeared on the Today show with the her "my daughter would never ever do anything like that" mother, her father who has probably just recently gotten involved in his daughter's life, & the cherry on this crap cake? Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer. Why? Why not? It's a hot case. 

When the interviewer asked sweet, little Katelyn--who will no doubt rot in hell--what she has learned from any of this (umm, nothing), she said, "people should stand up to bullies." So, you little brat with a tw, if Rebecca Sedgwick had stood up to you, you would have what?...backed off? or bullied her more? Do tell. Kids can be unbelievably cruel.

Just go ahead & Google "The Knock Out Game." It was watching this that compelled me to start writing posts again. I am shocked, appalled, I am out of my head that these kids think they can get away with this, & they are doing it!

There was an episode of CSI, the Las Vegas one. There was a group of kids headed up by Kevin Federline by all people (no doubt at his height when he was married to Britney Spears). This gang, who wore masks, would jump random people & just beat them until they died. It wasn't until Greg Saunders came along & got viciously beaten himself before they all got arrested, thanks to the forensic team! But this is real life, & this is going on in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia; how much longer will it be until these gangs, this Knock Out game, is in a small town like yours?

If you haven't watched the video yet, go ahead, I'm (semi) patient. Go ahead. about that, huh? I am going to pose another question now, after I make a statement; these kids are our future, how many of you are scared for what's to come?

When people my age, mid-to-late 30s, 40s age into our 60s, that generation will be running the country. These little spoiled bitches who are bullying other girls for no reason other than the fact that her "frenemy" is wearing, like, oh my God, skinny jeans with the same butt design & these guys who stay up all night long & play video games, swearing at their friends because it's just oh so cool are the future. And don't forget the 13 year old little prom king and queens who are having sex, having kids, & getting suspended because queenie is giving her little king a blow job on the bus. Side note: I didn't even have my period at age 13. Then again, I was a gymnast. But I certainly did NOT know anyone having sex at that age. And let's not forget who else will be running the Fortune 500s, enlisted in the Marines and the Army, making crucial decisions about the lives of millions of people; those jackasses who are literally killing people by knocking them out. But to them, it's fine, because it's just a game. It's just a game, & life is apparently worthless to them. 

I get frightened for my future, my husband's, my 13-year old son, who is right in that MeMeMe Gimme Gimme Gimme Generation. I'm frightened for my son because he acts like a spoiled brat, too. We didn't raise him like that, that's for damn sure. I wonder if there's a wonder drug...well, that is a whole other post!! 

Come back soon, & don't forget to leave a comment! Thanks for reading. And remember; I'm bipolar, so my posts will be ALL over the place, but very entertaining! Thanks again!
Peace & Regards~